Motionize Development

Hello there. Motionize will always be under development—which is a good thing! It will be renewed and refreshed to handle the needs of its primary users. Currently the development version is called Vekpo. Builds can be downloaded in this section of the site.

Vekpo (Motionize Development) Builds

1/16/2017: Vekpo 0.92
• Fixed gradient conversion (supports linear and radial only)
• Improved presentation of document
• Modified build settings (requires OS 10.10+)

1/16/2016: Vekpo 0.91
• Fixed fill color error for shapes with outline only
• Added default name to unnamed bezier shapes and groups
• Fixed seemingly random shape positioning
• Fixed shape conversion for complex shapes

1/09/2016: Vekpo 0.9
• Only supports iDraw/Graphic (i.e. reads iDraw/Graphic, writes Motion)
• Runs as a standalone application. Launch Vekpo, open iDraw/Graphic file from within, save file (saves as new Motion file)
• Vekpo does not alter any source files.