Motionize is a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator that exports a selected shape, path, compound shape, compound path or grouping comprised of any of these types to an Apple Motion path or group. Download Motionize at my store!

Motion does not support compound paths. However, using masks Motion can emulate  compound shape structures used in Illustraton.

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    1. I’m sorry for the trouble. I upgraded the site which apparently removed the download manager. I’ve reinstalled it and tested it to ensure the download works. Thanks for your interest and the notice!

  1. Hey Scott! Brilliant plugin. Thanks a bunch!

    My question is: is there any chance of getting this to work with other AI-ish apps also?? Such as iDraw (who also have a plugin SDK) or even Affinity? That would make my and many other’s (who are trying to get away from AI) life a dream.

    Cheers, Robin

    1. Thanks! Yes. In fact I am working on a new version for Illustrator that supports exporting your file as a Motion file rather than just a selection. It also includes support for more objects like text and gradients. It is being developed in parallel with a version for iDraw and I plan to release both within short order of each other.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful script. It’s worked well and I’ve shared your page around quite a bit. I manage a large Facebook group for video editors that focuses on the Apple Production apps. Many of us are moving away from Adobe apps. There’s an App called iDraw out there now and despite the simple name it’s quiet a good vector based illustration and design tool. The last update in particular really stepped it up and they have even more goodness on the way. One thing that was added was script support. I would love to see you port this script over to iDraw if possible. I’m not sure how different the script language would be put I thought I’d put it out there. I hope you can consider it. here’s a link to learn more about it if you are interested:

    1. Thank you, Braden. Yes, I am currently working on a new version for Illustrator and also a version for iDraw. I use both applications and completely understand the desire to avoid prescription based software.

  3. When I run the installer, it fails. When I double-click the Motionize document that is part of the .dmg, it launches After Effects. If I try to open it with another application like Pages, it won’t open. Any ideas?

    1. Mark, I can’t be sure why that’s happening. Motionize itself is an Adobe Illustrator script and can only be run from the Illustrator Scripts menu after being successfully installed in the Illustrator scripts directory. If the installer isn’t working for you then manually dragging the Motionize file into your Illustrator scripts director should work (you’ll have to restart Illustrator).

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