It has come to my attention that Motionize is an interesting and useful script to the larger global community for which I am extremely grateful and honored. I have also been informed that some users have encountered problems with the script. Most often this seems to be due to the lack of layers being named in Illustrator, something Motionize assumes to be a common workflow for animators.

That being said, I am more than happy to modify the software. However, I am among the least social media oriented people on this planet and rely on old fashioned email as a means of communication. Due to the sophistication of hack attempts I only respond to emails anymore and not to the overwhelming amount of spam comments this site receives.

If you have an issue or suggestion for Motionize or Vekpo please do contact me. I cannot guarantee a speedy software update or that your suggestion will ever come to fruition but it is extremely rare that I fail to reply to email. If you have purchased my software you know my email address and I’m more than happy to listen to complaints and suggestions.

Please help me make this software better by describing how it fails or could better suit your needs.

Thanks and digital hugs to all who support Motionize.

– Scott