Motionize Update

Thank you to everyone who uses Motionize and has given valuable feedback and support. A new version is in the works, no joke! The engine has been updated, the process simplified and more applications are now supported. Stay tuned for an early 2015 release!

One Reply to “Motionize Update”

  1. First and foremost, thank you Scott for your contribution! This is really good news.

    Will Motionize support Affinity Designer in the near future? I have switched from Adobe Illustrator since the Creative Cloud was announced and I my daily graphic design tool are recently Sketch and Affinity Designer, but mostly the last one.

    I would be glad to buy your application in the Apple App Store if you release it as a standalone software. I do not know whether this is possible to accomplish or not.

    Would you kind to give us at least a release day or some sneak peaks about your plan?

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